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Everyday after class and work, I sit and catch up on my Youtube subscriptions. Majority of my subscriptions are beauty and fashion related and are really inspiring to me. I just love watching my favorite YTers and gaining tips and tricks from them. I thought I could share a few since I don't have any personal content at the moment.

1. HeyClaire: #THESTRUGGLE

I loved this quick video because I love Claire's effortless style and I could totally take some of the pieces and use them in outfits for work. (I am forever searching for cute comfy outfits for work.) The video also highlights her which is a page where she links all of the pieces she uses. It's an awesome way to stay up with what people are wearing and where to find them! Check it out here.

2. Fashionist804: How to| Apply false lashes

I love my makeup, and I think I'm pretty good at it, but I'm not even going to lie... I can't apply falsies to save my life. I've done it once at one in the morning in one of those "I'm wide awake so let's play in makeup" moments. I really liked this video because the instructions are clear cut and very easy to follow. Now I just have to go try them out (with this open on my vanity of course).

3. Tis the season with Hollyannaeree: My top holiday gift picks and Patricia Bright: Christmas gift guide for girls!

Both of these videos are great because they feature some really useful gift ideas (that I might just pass along to my parents and friends). Both happen to feature the camera I've wanted for ages and some other really great things I could get for family and those other special girls in my life. Who doesn't want the Naked3 palette? Check them out if you are stumped about what to ask for or what you might want to pick up for others.

4. Mishka and Laika the talking Huskies in "I wanna go outside" - Subtitled

I love Mishka the talking dog! Especially when her videos are subtitled because you can almost hear some of the things she's saying. Her sister Laika is a talker too! They really want to go out and chase seagulls (so many seagulls!) and they want to go now, but they don't want to go get their leashes.

I hoped you enjoyed these videos! They're only a few of my recent favorites, so I just thought I'd share.


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