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12:39 AM

I have been a bad blog mommy. I know. School started, work has cut back some, and I haven't had time (or available funds) to dedicate... but that is all about to change in a variety of ways! I'm back up and going with my Her Campus chapter, so I'll be sure to link to this articles once they are up and going. Got a new subscription box on the way (although it has nothing to do with beauty) and I have another that I want to try. I have a tiny haul worth of things to do, so pics soon! But, the biggest announcement... Drum roll please!!

I've finally recorded my first video! I'm going to be editing it tomorrow, and it should be up by tomorrow night or early Thursday morning. I'm super stoked to share that with you all, and I'm really hoping it will push me to be on a sort of schedule as far as posting here and making videos for that. It's not the fanciest set up at the moment... I literally have an HD webcam attached to my Mac (which is sitting on a stack of binders and textbooks) with two lamps behind it for lighting, but it will do for now. 

Also, some awesome news, I am totally broke because I booked a flight to Cali for August! I'm going to be visiting two of my roommates from my Disney College Program (Shoutout to Priscilla and Karan! Love y'all!) for ten days. I can't wait to go to Disneyland and spend all of the money I manage to save and of course bring you all along with me! Much of the shopping I will be doing in the next few months will be in preparation for that, so expect a list of things I think I'll need and outfits themed to what I think the weather will be like. I'm sure it shouldn't be too different from Florida, just next to no humidity. 

Anywho, it's crazy late/early, so I am off to bed so I can get cracking on editing tomorrow! 
Goodnight y'all! Stay fabulous!

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