Goodbye January and hello Singles Awareness month!

6:11 PM

So January has come to an end and very quickly I might add. I can't wait for the last of my January orders to get here so I can make a haul video for you all! I got some really cool stuff, including a dress that I've had my eyes on for almost six months. I must apologize for being so absent this last week, but school and work have picked up, but once I get everything down, I should be around much more!

Even sooner than a January haul, I have a nerdy unboxing video for you all and I'm thinking about making a January favorites video. I really hope to come up with a schedule for my videos so there are around three a week. Maybe, Makeup Mondays, What to Wear Wednesdays, and Fun Fridays or something a little less corny than that, ha! Then, I can post here on Tuesdays and Thursdays or whatever other days I don't have a video for you all. I'm also thinking about linking to my Her Campus articles and those can beef up the daily themes!

I was thinking about doing something for Valentine's Day, like maybe a date night outfit video, but I decided not to. I'm not so big on Valentine's Day and single as well, so it would be pointless, but I might put some outfits together on Polyvore so keep an eye out for those!

Be on the look out for my unboxing video. I'm hoping to have that up later tonight!

Stay gorgeous y'all!

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  1. I always make Valentine's Day a time to show my friends how much I love them too, so it's one of my favorite holidays! I'd love to see some outfit ideas :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    1. That's a different way of looking at it! Usually, it's just focused on my parents, but I like that view too! I hope to be posting some outfits a little closer to V-tines day :)


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