Review time! Julep Maven edition

9:55 PM

There are so many beauty box services out there, and I've considered joining a few for a while. Julep polished always seemed nice, but I never got around to actually purchasing any. So when I saw an offer for a free Julep box, I thought, best of both, right? I went to the site, took the style quiz (I am "Boho Glam" apparently), and ordered my first box. With the code FREEBOX all I had to pay for was shipping, which was only 3.99. I don't know if the code is still active, but I'd try it out.

The box finally arrived and I was so excited to see what I got. Have some pictures and stick around for my review!

Sadly, I was so underwhelmed with this box. Maybe it's just because it's the first box I received, so they added more expensive items... maybe it's just the January box, but I was pretty bummed out with only getting three items. The Julep boxes are 19.99 monthly, and I thought with that price I'd receive a good selection. The Beauty Box 5 box is $12 a month, and it has five or six items per box, but the Julep boxes are valued at a $40 plus value each month.

The box came with two Boho Glam polishes, a cuticle treatment, and a sample of Julep's mattifying face primer. The primer is in a little one time use squeeze pack, so that'll get tossed in my sample drawer. It claims it works for 24 hours, but I'll probably not get to try it out. Packets like that are messy and it sucks when I don't use all of it and have to toss the rest of the product. Maybe on a night out when I know I'm going to be dancing up a sweat.

The next product in the box (and the largest at that) is Julep's Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum. It's a full sized item and the cost on the site is $28. I'm starting to see why the box is so expensive and only has three items and this is only the first one. The Mighty N&C serum uses peptides to fix dry and damaged cuticles "overnight." It claims you'll notice improvements (smoother, stronger nails, fewer ridges, and less splitting and brittleness) in 2 to 3 weeks, so I can't give a full opinion of the product just yet. I read some of the reviews on the site and overall, it seems to work. One review said it removed the person's nail polish, but maybe they just got a bad batch. I'll come back to this one. Into the nail drawer it goes.

The next (and final) products in the box were two Boho "themed" polishes, Michelle and Aisha. Michelle is a navy blue grey (like, they mixed blue and grey together if that makes any kind of sense) and Aisha is a maroon. I do love my blue polishes, but I already have two or three polishes that could pass as Michelle. Aisha, however is a color I don't have and quite like. I'm not 100% sure if these are full sized bottles, but I have a feeling they are. They sell for $14 on the site, which is insane to me. The bottle only has .27 fl oz (8 mL)... that's maybe twice the amount of polish that comes in the tiny OPI sample bottles. My Essie polishes have .46 fl oz (13.5 mL) and only cost $8.50 and OPI bottles have .5 fl oz (15 mL) and only cost $9. That's almost twice the product for five bucks less! I really wouldn't purchase these other wise, but they add to the value of the box. 

The color payout was pretty nice. I only put one coat on and it was pretty true to the color in the bottle. I really liked Aisha and could see myself wearing it a lot, but Michelle on the other hand was nothing special or unique and when I removed it, it stained my nail. I only had one coat on for maybe five minutes, so I can only imagine what two full coats sitting on for a few days would do. 

Overall, I wouldn't purchase any other products from Julep because OMG, kinda pricy. I'll use what I got (especially Aisha), but I will probably cancel my subscription and try out a cheaper service that I know a little more about. Some of the other benefits to becoming a Maven are previewing and having the ability to upgrade or add extras to your box, having access to a secret store every month, and receiving 20% off and free shipping on any Julep orders. Some once perks, but not enough to make me stay.

Hoped you all enjoyed that little review and I hope it helped you if you were considering trying Julep's Maven box out.

Have a beautiful day!

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