The hiatus is over!

11:59 PM

Winter break has come to an end and my constant working is down to a manageable level. Working two jobs that are an hour apart on the same day was a challenge, but I can get a bit of shopping done now with my holiday checks! On top of all of the working, I managed to get bronchitis, so that's been a hoot.

I'm back as of today and I have all of the things I've purchased over the break. It's not much, but with school coming and classes needing paying for, it's still a pretty good little haul. Czech it out!

This was more of a month of December haul and while it's not much, I tried to get a few pieces I could use to begin rebuilding my wardrobe. 
Staring at Stars Embroidered Velvet crop top - XS $19.99
BDG High Rise Cigarette Ankle Jean Wedgewood - 24w 30l $59
Sparkle & Fade Half and Half cardigan Black and White - XS $59
Sixtyseven Quilted Cutoff Moto boot - 7 $79

I love my Sixtyseven boots, but goodness gracious are they not for work! I'd been eyeing them for almost a month before I finally decided to take the dive and buy them. The first shift I wore them, I only worked four hours and my knees and feet were killing me. I thought it might just be because they weren't quite broken in, but they seem to get more and more painful each time I wear them, even with shoe inserts. I love the way they look and they go so well with so many outfits (they're almost like smaller UNIF Neo dupes), but I can't handle wearing them for longer than three or four hours. :(

This was an online purchase back when Urban had it's insane extended Black Friday sale. I think I ended up getting it for less than 10 dollars with free shipping. Normal price was around $29 I believe. I love the print on the scarf, but it is really thick and hard to position in a  way that isn't awkward once it's tied. I'm hoping it's just really starched because it's been in the packaging, but we'll see.
Obey City Hunt scarf Olive - 42'' x 18'' $8.99

Random goodies!

I wanted this game for my PS3 and decided it would be fun on my 3DS... I was wrong, so I still have to get it for my console, but it came in handy when I was waiting in an 80 minute line at Disney.

Duffy wanted to help me out with this one! I got a gift card to William-Sonoma when I ordered my mom's Christmas gift, so I used it to get a mini pie kit! I can't wait to make fresh pies that will be the perfect serving size. Apple pie and Vanilla bean ice-cream were on my mind at the time.
Mini Pie Baking set - $24.99

That's pretty much it for my December winter break purchases. I can't wait for next month's haul because I plan to finally get an instant camera and the YRU platform sneaks I've been ogling forever. I'll probably pick up more jeans and some shirts. I desperately need tops and the store has started the transition to Spring. Be back real soon!

Extra bit-o-fun!

I was taking photos for this post and after folding my clothes to put them away when I noticed what looked like a hitch in the fabric of my jeans. 
Turns out it was a cut right at the seam of the butt. I'm glad I noticed before I wore them out. 

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