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I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Tara and Shannah of The Students' Lifestyle! Thank you so much ladies!

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So the idea behind the Liebster Award is for bloggers to recognize other bloggers who don't have the largest following.

The rules are as follows:
-You post 11 random facts about yourself (Oh goodness, this is going to be difficult!)
-You answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you posts
-Then you choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award!

Now let's get down to the facts!

1. I'm adopted and hope to find my real parents someday.

2. I am a performer at Walt Disney World seasonally.

3. I have a red lightsaber tattoo on my right middle finger. (Sith rule!)

4. I own so many cute clothes, but am too afraid to wear them out in public, so I usually wear the same things. I really need to break myself of that habit.

5. I love writing fan-fiction, but I put a lot of research into the series I'm writing about so I'm able to keep the characters' personalities.

6. I worked at Hollister once, but I was so afraid I wouldn't get hired because I didn't think I was pretty enough.

7. I have my own car, but I hate driving and leaving my house. I'd rather stay in bed on my computer all day.

8. I took Spanish for four years in high school and got the highest score possible on my Spanish IB exam... but I can't hold a conversation in Spanish to save my life.

9. I use a new washcloth every time I shower. I am constantly washing washcloths!

10. While I did really well in high school (I wasn't perfect, but hey, I got my IB diploma), I really hate school and would drop out if I knew I could get a well paying job... but I know that won't happen, so college it is!

11. I have to sleep with all of the doors in my room closed.


And now for the questions the lovely Tara and Shannah asked!

1. What TV series are you obsessed with right now?
That would have to be The Walking Dead! I love anything zombie related (World War Z was an amazing book and I loved I am Legend), and TWD is a hit with me. It's so well done and I feel for Rick. At the same time, I'm glad Lori is gone... Good riddance. 

2. Who's your favorite person in the whole world?
Definitely my mother! (I'm a huge daddy's girl, so shout out to the Padre!) My mom has been through so much and is such a strong person. She can speak her mind and is able to do things without getting super emotional (I'm a huge crybaby). She's held her own and been an amazing role model for me and while I haven't always been the greatest daughter, I really hope to try harder to show her how much I appreciate and love her.

3. One thing you should probably be doing right now?
Sleeping! I haven't been able to get to sleep at a decent time since winter break. I'll probably be up for another two hours.

4. What's your favorite APP at the moment?
Tiny Death Star! It's this Star Wars themed level builder and I am absolutely ADDICTED to it. I talk a bit about it in my January Faves video, but I have to play before I can go to sleep and first thing in the morning before I get out of bed.

5. Name one item you can't live without?
I would say my phone, but I think a better answer would be my computer. I can write, watch movies, listen to music, take notes for school. It's my life!

6. If you could go back in time and stop one embarrassing/awkward moment that happened to you, what would it be?
Hm, this is a tough one. I've said so many stupid things that I wish I could take back. I'd probably undo my first two years of middle school and found some people who actually had things in common with me.

7. What decade of style do you like the most? (20's, 70's 80's, 90's)
The 90's! 90's kid for life!! But the 80's were pretty sweet too. Major fashion inspiration there. (I need to put together Molly Ringwald's outfit. It needs to happen)

8. Be Brave: Name your first crush.
Isaac and Isaiah. They were twins that went to elementary school with me. Maybe that's what I should go back in time and undo...

9. What character from a T.V Show, Movie, or book is similar to your personalty? Briefly explain why. 
The only character that I can think of right now is Usagi from Sailor Moon... We're both crybabies, love to eat and play video games, would rather not go to school, and have a group of really awesome friends. I also have a black cat. At one point I had a black and white cat and they were named after the cats on the show.

10. What's one advice that you would tell the "old you"? 
Embrace the things you love and don't let people put you down for them. You'll only feel worse when you try to conform and ignore the things you are actually passionate about. The people you're pretending for won't be in your life for much longer, so why not find your true friends and enjoy yourself?

11. What's one catchphrase that you often say?
I don't really have a catchphrase, but I'm always saying, "Whatever. I do what I want." There's this episode of South Park where Cartman decides he wants to go on the Maury show and act like a horrible kid for the attention and he keeps saying that. It's kind of a joke between me and my mom.

Bloggers, I choose you! 

1. Heather @ Coconut & Cotton
2. Laura @ The Literary Chic
6. Catherine @ La Reine Fashion
7. Norresa @ A Raw Petite Mess
8. Jackie @ Penne & Pearls
9. Taylor @ Lefty Living Life
10. Sara @ Magical Musings

And now, my questions to you!

1. What is your best childhood memory?
2. If you could live anywhere around the world, where you it be and why?
3. If you had to be an animal, what would you choose?
4. Regardless of how realistic or unrealistic, what is your dream job?
5. If you had to read one book, listen to one song, and watch one movie for the rest of forever, what would you choose?
6. What is your must have/ go to beauty product?
7. If you could witness any major event in history, what would it be and why?
8.  What kinds of food do you enjoy? What kinds do you hate?
9. If you had to lose one sense for a year, what would you be willing to part with?
10. What is the most beautiful thing you've seen in nature?
11. If a movie was being made about your life, who would you choose to portray you?

Can't wait to read the answers and I'm glad I got the opportunity to share the blogger love! Thanks again to Tara and Shannah for the nomination.

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