Valentine's Day OOTN series: Dapper Date night

12:50 AM

Valentine's outfit senario two! You and your guy friend are more like boo thangs and less like friends. He's managed to get reservations at the most popular restaurant in town and you know you have to bring it... So what do you wear?

Something timeless and chic! You can't go wrong with a little black dress or a fiery red number! Either will have heads turning and necks snapping in your direction. My inspiration for this V-tine's Day set was the 50's with a twist.
Dapper Date night

I wore a red dress to my first homecoming, and I felt perfect in every way. I was sexy and sassy and everything a woman would want to feel when she's out with her man. Paired with a simple pair of black heels... or something a little more adventurous if you're obsessed with shoes like me and you really can't go wrong.

Little black dresses are a must have in every woman's wardrobe. They're so easy to style and are perfect for any occasion. Spice that up with some red shoes for the occasion, and you're pretty much set. Of course add some pearls to keep it nice and simple, especially if you go for the heart-heeled Jeffrey Campbells, and you have a foolproof date night outfit.

I gave not only two outfits, but two shoe options, because if I was in the position to need an outfit for V-tine's... I'd go all out on my shoes! I am in love with almost everything J.C. makes, so I thought I'd feature his shoes. And how could I not include the heart shaped heels?

Let me know what things you'd wear if you had (or have... lucky girl!) a date this Valentine's Day!

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