Dapper Day blues

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This coming Sunday is the Spring Dapper Day event at Walt Disney World and I'm so bummed that I'm going to miss it!

Dapper Day began in 2011 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It's now held twice a year (once in the Spring and again in the Fall) at both the Disneyland in California and Paris, as well as Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The event is a nod to the tradition of visiting Disneyland in the dressed in one's "Sunday's best." Men, women, and children all wear 50's inspired (although it's not specifically limited to the 50's, just vintage inspired) clothing and stylishly take in the parks and active and retired military are encouraged to dress in their dress blues if they feel like it. It's really a bunch of fun and there's nothing like looking and feeling wonderful at the happiest place on Earth.

Spring 2013
Spring 2013

Fall 2013
I attended both the Spring and Fall Dapper Day events last year and had such an amazing time! I told myself I'd go this year, but plans change and I thought I would be unavailable. Well now, it turns out  I'm free the 9th... but, I don't have an outfit.

Despite being unable to attend, I thought I might offer some inspiration for anyone who planned to go, but had no idea what to wear. 
Spring Dapper Day 2014

My inspiration for these outfits was, of course, Disney itself. I love the idea of Disneybounding, and would have loved to Disneybound if I could have attended Dapper Day this Spring. Once I decided on Disney, I thought, "what better Disneybound than the original three?" You already feel like a princess with the fullness of a petticoat on, so I took it a step further and themed each outfit around a Disney princess. In addition to the Disney theme, each outfit features accessories from Modcloth.com.  

For more photos from previous Dapper Day events and more info, head on over to the Dapper Day website! Have you all ever attended a Dapper Day event? I'd love to see your outfits if you have!

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