Stuff I'm loving Mar 2- Mar 8

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Stuff I'm loving 3/2-3/8

1. MaxStar Platform Sneak-
 I purchased these knock-off Converse last year when I lived in Orlando, and from the moment they arrived, they became a constant in my wardrobe. This week, it's been rainy and kind of bleak in the Sunshine state and once again, these became my go to shoes. They elevated my just enough and I was able to avoid the puddles. They cost as much as real Chucks and they are surprisingly light. Seriously recommend these!

2. Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Glazed-
 Man, these donuts have been a favorite of mine since freshman year of high school. My mom and I would go to DD every morning and get two donuts and a small coffee. Good times! Well, this week I've gone back to my old ways. Ugh, they're like little round, centerless chocolate cakes with icing. Then again, I guess that's what a donut is, huh?

3. Fresh Strawberries-
 It's Strawberry Festival season time in Florida and that means fresh strawberries!!! I know Florida is known for it's oranges, but Plant City has the most amazing strawberries and once a year in March, they have a festival dedicated to them. We picked up two pints and some shortcakes because, well, it's strawberry shortcake time. I don't like shortcakes (sue me), but I do love the fresh strawberries with a little sugar on top. I guess all of the strawberries I've been eating cancel out all of the donuts.

4. Shall we date? App-
Okay, this is kind of embarrassing to admit... but I've started playing these dating sim games... like the Japanese ones (which I always assumed were only for men. Hm, That was dumb of me.) where you pick your choices to decide how the story progresses and you get love points and you can either fall in love and have a happy (or super happy depending on how well you do) ending or a sad, loveless one. What got me was being bored and those targeted ads on Facebook. How do they even determine all of these things anyway? I guess Facebook knows I'm single and love anime and love stories.

What's awesome about the Shall we date? apps is that the artwork is AH-MAY-ZING! Uh, so well drawn, and of course there's some fan service to it. There are paid and free apps (the difference being the wait on the reload time) and there are a bunch of different story options. Ninjas, Princes, Samurai, good guys, bad guys! You like guys? They got guys! You can customize your character, choose the type of guy she falls for, and what route your story takes. It's a lot of girly fun, if you're into that kind of thing.

  • Destiny Ninja
I chose the Hyuga storyline for this game and like My sweet prince, I chose the tougher bratty character. I think this is the older one out of the three because it doesn't have the side "games" like the others and the art style is a little different. It's still beautiful though, so I don't mind. 
  • Ninja Love+
So Ninja Love + is my FAVORITE of the three that I've tried. I chose Musashi, the ronin and I'm so glad I did. One of my favorite Anime/ Manga series is Rurouni Kenshin and Musashi reminds me of Kenshin. Really awkward, but will risk his life to protect his friends. His fighting ethic is a lot like Sanosuke Sagara from the same anime, and that just makes him my absolute favorite. 
  • My Sweet Prince
For My sweet prince, I chose the Jun route and boy, was it difficult! Jun is a stubborn one and kind of a brat. I still had fun, and I'd say this was my second favorite of the three I tried... no, maybe in a tie for second with Destiny Ninja.

All of the Shall we date? games are available for Android and iOs devices, so if you like anime guys and fan service-esk games, I'd totally check it out.

That concludes my favorites for the week! I'd always love to here what some of the things you all loved for last week. Let me know in the comments. 

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