Comic Review: The Two Deadpools

12:45 PM

 So I finally got up the courage to go buy more comics. The last time I picked any up was months ago… like, last year months ago. Because I’m so new to them, I always feel odd going to a comic store. I get really nervous and hot… it’s the worst, but there are four great comic stores within a mile of my house and I’m going to miss them dearly when I move in two years. Might as well make the most of them now, right?

While out with my mom, I decided to stop by one and ended up spending quite a bit of time inside. I picked up a few new series (to me anyway), most being issue 1. Since I refuse to read anything out of order, I went by shop #2 and picked up a few more… the other two shops can wait for another day.

All that being said, I figured I could do a few reviews or reactions. I’m not sure if this will be a weekly thing with each new release Wednesday, or a when I get around to it kind of thing. Because I don’t want to spoil things, I will try not to include too much plot… or at least not explicitly and since I’ve never done a comic review, we’ll see how well this goes. If anything you’ll get to see some great reads from a total newbie. I’m seriously about to embarrass myself.

1. Ladies of Marvel One-Shot: Lady Deadpool
-Choi, Lashley, Townsend, Woodard
This one shot (or single issue if you aren’t down with the slang) follows a Norman (?) day in the life of Wanda Wilson, a.k.a. Lady Deadpool. For some reason, the government decides to kill all television and Lady D, along with many other people, set out to put a stop to that. Along the way she falls in love and craziness ensues.

Honestly, this comic was straight cray-cray. I won’t say it was hard to follow, or maybe it really was, but I don’t want to put it down too much.  Just, overall, I was very lost… and this is coming from someone who jumped into normal Deadpool and loved it. There isn’t much back-story to what is going on and you really just jump right into the action.

The ending was strange, the plot was strange, and the choice to throw Captain America (although he is apparently Deadpool’s favorite superhero and the reason he joined his super soldier program… so, maybe that is why?) was strange.  I really almost wish I hadn’t purchased this one because I paid 6 bucks! SIX!

Maybe I just need to re-read it, but I felt very confused. Perhaps I just need to find more Lady Deadpool to read. I’m currently reading Deadpool X Deadpool and she makes an appearance and she is totally different.

I will say that in true Deadpool fashion, there are a few funny moments, but they are seriously few and far between. I really wouldn’t recommend buying this one-shot unless you just wanted to physically have it in your collection. I’m sure you could find it online.

2. Night of the Living Deadpool #1
-Bunn. Rosanas
From a pretty bad pick to what is undoubtedly a new favorite. I’ve been eyeing this mini-series for a while now, so when I finally found a first issue, I had to grab it. I love anything zombies and I love almost anything Deadpool, so I thought this might be a hit and boy, was I right.

Deadpool goes to his favorite chimichanga restaurant and after pigging out he becomes affected by what is fondly know to some as “the itis” and falls asleep for a week. In that time, everything goes to crap and the apocalypse happens.

The entire comic is in black and white with Deadpool still being in his usual vibrant red. I think it’s brilliant! It reminds me of the periodical re-release of the AMC hit series The Walking Dead in black and white. Something about zombies in black and white is haunting to me and it goes so well with the tone of this comic. While Deadpool is normally rather wacky (think his appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man series), he is surprisingly levelheaded… well, for Deadpool anyway. I won’t even lie, it’s a bit refreshing, and although I’m sure it is only going to go downhill from here I still think it works.

I only picked up one issue, but the next time I visit a shop I am definitely going to pick up the remaining three issues. If you like zombies and I guess Deadpool (because it seems you either love him or hate him), then you will enjoy this mini series. Actually, even if you don’t like him, I’d still recommend it.

I know these reviews weren’t very much, but I hope they helped someone! Have you all read any new comics or books? I’d love to try some new things. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see any specific reviews as well.

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