Holey DIY Batman! Part 1 of 2

1:35 PM

Lately I've been seeing tons of holey t-shirts. In shops, on my favorite Youtubers, everywhere and I've been looking for the perfect one. Problem is... they're so darn expensive. We have one at Urban that I am in love with, but it's around 30 bucks. I can't really justify spending that much on a shirt full of holes. My solution? Make some myself!

This is part one of my two part holey shirt tutorial. This method features scissors, but there are tons of other ways to get this done. The next part will feature sandpaper, but apparently you can use pumice stone (which really didn't work out for me). Stick around for part one and I hope you return for part two!


  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Board (optional)
  • Your Hands!


1. Choose a shirt you don't mind cutting up. The older, more worn, softer, the better.

2. Try a few different cuts


  • twist and cut (be careful with this cut. You might get a hole much larger than intended.)
  • tiny slits (will leave little flaps that can easily be cut off once you stretch shirt.)
  • cut and tear
3. Find the type of cut you like and go to town in little clusters or all over randomly.

4. After a little area of cuts, stretch the shirt in multiple directions to open the holes up.

5. Beat up the collar, sleeves, and bottom of shirt with tears

  1. Start slit with scissors
  2. tear further for a horizontal hole
6. Try your shirt on and decide if it looks good or needs more holes

7. Wash to really set in holes

8. Enjoy!

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