March Love in a Box Blog Swap!

6:16 PM

This month's swap was with the lovely Mandy Jean over at Mandy Jean Chic! I was so excited for this swap when I learned Mandy is a law enforcement wife, because I'm a law enforcement little sister. Mandy Jean's blog is full of amazing things! Organization tips, money saving tips, beauty, unboxings, you name it! It's great because you can find something you love. On top of all of that, she has some adorable dogs, including my dream dog, a Shiba Inu. Her most recent post is a favorite because it features a wreath made of tulips and because my favorite flowers are tulips, I might have to try that as a DIY!

After throwing the tissue paper all over like a child on Christmas, I found this bad boy! It was full of all kinds of goodies. The first thing I saw was the pack of Spiderman markers and it gave me a good laugh! I knew it would only get better from there. (Also, I have to hide these from my nephew, because he WILL snatch them right on up!) Next were all of the nail polishes... all of them blue. OMG, I'm so excited to use these. My favorite color in a handful of shades and just in time for Spring. This will be so essential in helping me break away from wearing so much black.

The final two items in my box are my absolute favorites. The little stormtrooper notebook is perfect for slipping in my purse and the cover opens all the way around! I've been having issues with my current in-purse notebook because it is a bear to open and the pages are always flipping on me, so I'm glad to finally have something I can use to jot notes down in without having to put up a fight. Last, but certainly not least, the Yoda tumblr! I love collecting cups and cool tumblrs, a habit i picked up from my roommates in the Disney College Program, and I love having separate cups from the ones my parents use... and what could be more perfect than a Star Wars cup? Nothing, that's what.

I am so happy with this month's swap! If you want to see what I sent Mandy Jean, head on over to Mandy Jean Chic to check it out!

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