5 Reasons I'm Super Excited For Summer!

9:00 AM

A little less than a week stands between me and my summer break. I'm sure this is also the case for many other college kids out there. Once finals are done, the next three months are mine to do with what I please. While I'm sure there will be so many more special moments to be had this summer, here are five I'm looking forward to now.

1. Travel -
I'm hoping to do some minor traveling this summer. I'd hoped to be in Japan, but I'm going to put that off until after I finish school. While it would be nice to do some international travel, I'm really looking forward to exploring the states and even Florida more than I have in the past. I hope to be visiting New York at some point, but I'm really excited for beach days and hanging out in Orlando/ at Disney.

2. Crop Tops and Halters -
The weather this year has been insane. Winter has decided to stick around for a few extra months, so we didn't really get to enjoy a typical spring. It's starting to heat up and I mean really heat up. More than I can remember in past years, so it's time to bust out the crop tops and... the halter tops! I haven't worn a halter top since I was a kid and I'm so excited to get a few for this year. Keep your eyes peeled for a polyvore to see how I'd style both types of tops.

3. No Classes -
SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER! Well, not forever... maybe I should save that for when I graduate... Anyhow, now that school is out I have no more homework! Well, unless I decide to take a summer class.

4. More Work -
No class means no driving to the other side of town and wasting my gas... that means more work! Here and in Orlando. I already told myself that I would pick up as much work as I can so I can start saving for my trip to California (and hopefully New York).

5. More Blogging Time -
No class, no homework, no projects, no excuses. Although I hope to pick up more work, I should have no excuse to miss posting at least three times a week. On top of that, I have two months worth of blog ideas written out.

What are some of the things you all are most excited about for summer? I'd love some ideas to add to my to-do list!

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