Stuff I'm loving: Wish list Addition

11:00 AM

Rather than the typical (and often late) Stuff I'm Loving post, I thought I'd shake things up and make a wish list for the week. Here are a few things I've had my eyes on and would love to get my hands on at some point in the future.

Stuff I'm loving 3/23 - 3/30

1. Cooperative Kit structured crossbody purse - 
I love this little round structured bag because it's so unique! I think if I saw someone with it, I would give them a second look and that's just the kind of thing I'm into. It isn't too large, so I couldn't fill it with a bunch of unnecessary things and it's just the right color to throw on with a bunch of springtime inspired looks.

2. Ecote Sahara suede convertible mini backpack - 
Like the previous bag, this one is a great color for spring and a smaller bag that can't be overstuffed. It's also really awesome because it can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder/ crossbody bag. I love the western boho feel it gives off and I think I might snag this one the next time I'm at work.

3. Take a Dipper necklace - 
I love space and to be honest, with the over lit skies by my house, the only constellation I can see on a regular basis is the dipper. This necklace is so cute because it looks like you hand stitched it (as I'm sure the person who made it actually did). I love accessories from Modcloth because they are so unique and can be nerdy and cute at the same time.

4. JC Daisy cutout ankle boot - 
I'm a sucker for Jeffrey Campbell shoes and these are on my radar at the moment. They are floral... in a way, as they have daisy cut outs in them. They also come in a brown color, but I could see myself getting more year round wear out of the black ones. The unique thing about the boots is that the entire front is open and laced like a pair of tennis shoes.

5. Urban Renewal Floral peasant off-the-shoulder-top -
I've had a thing for off the shoulder tops since I was a child, and now we have some at work and  I've been eyeing them for months! This top is on my list because in addition to being off the shoulder, it's my favorite color! It's bright and floral and perfect for spicing my wardrobe up for spring.

6. Lucca Couture embroidered off-the-shoulder cropped top -
Just, ditto for the previous item. Well, with this top being white instead. With the heat in Florida, this can be a year round top as it is a simple white and can go with dark items in the fall in addition to the bright (or exact same dark items) in the spring!

Do you have your eyes on something for the spring? I'd love to know! Don't be shy, let me know in the comments.

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