Update: What’s going on with the Moot?

11:00 AM

So much is going on in my little life and I couldn’t be more excited for the future! I don’t really plan on making this a long post (I hope), but I just wanted to give you all some updates!

School is almost over!! Only two more weeks of torture. I couldn’t be happier because that’s when all of the fun starts. Well, most of it anyway. Exams are over the week of the 2nd of May and then it’s summer time from then on out!

Big news for next semester... I got elected to be the Campus Correspondent for my Her Campus chapter! I’m so excited for fall, but I know it’s going to be so insane. I’ve never run an organization at school, but I know it will be full of fun and great opportunities. It’ll be great for my resume, but I am just so excited to finally be able to really get more involved with school. It’s so hard when I commute and don’t have the full time access most students do.

I had planned on traveling abroad this summer to Japan, but it just wasn’t financially possible. I was bummed and had to let my study abroad office know, because they here holding a $2000 scholarship for me. Well, turns out they really want to get me abroad and they told me they would hold it for me for any semester of my choosing! I’m set with next summer so I can save up for flights and whatnot. I’m deciding between Quebec and Japan, but I cannot wait to finally be able to study abroad! I’m so thankful that they decided to keep the money for me.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m thinking of adding on a minor. I’m a Mass Comm major with a magazine focus, but because I goofed my first year of school, my GPA is horrid and I’m so behind. I figured I could pick a minor to help build up my GPA and add something to my future job options. So, I decided on Film Arts! I have an advisor meeting Tuesday, so I haven’t added it yet, but I really hope to.

Because I’m not studying abroad this summer, it opens up more time (and money) to do some traveling in the states. Since I’m a part of Her Campus, I really want to attend the HC conference in New York. I’ve heard it will be sometime in July, so I hope we find out soon so I can get tickets. I figured, if I was going to be up in NY, I could check out a show on Broadway as well! Phantom of the Opera, here I come!!

California is my big trip this year. Well, my big already planned out trip. I will be going in August to visit/meet up with two of my roommates (and best friends on the entire planet) from my Disney College Program. I am so excited to finally be visiting Cali and I plan on shopping myself broke! We have so much planned (including Disneyland for the first time!!! And visiting Los Vegas) and I plan on vlogging or just blogging while I’m there! I will also be posting plenty of “preparing for my trip” posts before I head out.

Oh I am so excited for summer. I will be back at Disney for work and play. Star Wars weekends, finally seeing the new parade, seeing my other best friends from my DCP… I just can’t wait. My next visit will be on the 4th of May, aka Star Wars day. Expect photos and video goodness. 

Well, that's about all that is going on. If I'm pretty absent the next two weeks, blame it on school! Once I'm done with exams, I will be posting so much more. What are some things going on in your lives? I'd love to hear about them!

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