Stuff I'm Loving: Disney Edition!

12:24 PM

I'm planning a trip to Disney in the coming weeks and figured to get my weekly favorites back up and running, I'd make this week a Disney edition!
Weekly Faves: Disney Ed.

Weekly Faves: Disney Ed. by cestlamoot featuring a disney snow white figurine

Park: MGM a.k.a. Disney's Hollywood Studios
I think most people overlook Studios, but I would prefer to go there over Magic Kingdom. They host Star Wars Weekends and I just love the characters they have to meet, Fant!, and the Backlot Express quick service restaurant. Sure they only do fireworks on special occasions, and sure they no longer have a parade, and sure they intend to take down the hat (Wahh :( ), but I would spend the rest of foever visiting Studios. It's also my favorite park to work in.

Movie: Pocahontas
I've always loved Pocahontas. I realize it's not even close to historically accurate, but let's be real, children would not really understand/ be able to handle that. They did try to bring it back around with the sequel, but I can pretend that doesn't exist because Poca and John Smith were my original OTP. Maybe it's the interracial pairing or the forbidden love or the amazing music and art style, but Pocahontas will always be my favorite princess movie.

Princess' Dress: Snow White
While I'm not the biggest fan of Snow White's movie (I hate how she sings), I adore her dress! Meeting her in person was my favorite because I loved the way her dress moved. The colors just go so well together and they really make each other pop. Because her dress isn't floor length and doesn't involve hoops (much like Rapunzel's) it's so much freer and much more playful and casual. I've yet to meet her in her redesign, and I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow shoes, but I love that it is more accurate to the movie and the cape is no longer that strange pink color.

Franchise: Star Wars... or Marvel
It's no secret that I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love me some Marvel too. It's also no secret that Disney is slowly taking over the world and buying EVERYTHING (They own ABC, ESPN, Star Wars, Marvel, and so many other things that I can't remember). I remember where I was when I found out they were in the final stages of purchasing the Star Wars franchise. Not so much with Marvel, but hey, I'm glad they did. Who doesn't love amazing superhero movies and tv adaptations? Two of my favorite non-Disney related things are now Disney things and my life is so much better as a result.

Prince: Naveen
Oh, Naveen. He's funny. A great musician. Good looking. Hard working. Has an accent. Just the total package. Sure, John Smith, Erik, Human Beast (I would say Adam, but some people get upset and want to argue about that), and Flynn are all very good looking and each have their own great attributes, but Naveen takes the cake. Have you visited him and Tiana in person? He's flawless!

What are some of your Disney favorites? I would love to hear from you! Want to know more of mine? Feel free to ask me in the comments below! 

Anyhow, have a magical day!

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