Stuff I'm Loving: May 11 - May 17

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Stuff I'm loving May11-17

Stuff I'm loving May11-17 by cestlamoot on Polyvore

This past week was a long one, but it's the weekend and it's time to relax! I spent a lot of time reading (trying to finish Fight Club so I could finally see all of the movie), so it's a no brainer that a book would be a part of this week's roundup.

I loved Fight Club. That's all there is to it. It's a really strange book and I really had to take my time and soak things in before moving on to the next chapter, but I enjoyed every moment. The book itself is only 200 pages, so it is a pretty quick read, but I took about four days to finish it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who might be offended easily... however, if you want a book that is going to make you think and really take you for a ride, I would grab this one up!

To celebrate finishing the book, I finally sat down and watched the entire Fight Club movie. I loved the way it was filmed and trying to locate the Starbucks cup in every scene. I won't get into too much detail, but it stays pretty true to the book. There were little things left out here and there, but that's only to be expected with movie adaptations. Also, seeing Brad Pitt in all of his crazy outfits made my day. (It also made me happy to learn he is a member of the fake front tooth club.)

So, it might be a bit TMI, but I love the new Always Radiant line of sanitary products. They are life changing. That is all.

Surely everyone who owns a radio (or remembers the TV spots for Mr. Peabody and Sherman) has heard Bastille's "Pompeii" so I guess this is more than a weekly favorite. I can remember learning about Pompeii in elementary school and having to write about the day the eruption happened from the perspective of one of the bodies/ residents. I've always been a bit attached. This song makes me happy in an odd way because it's like a bit of history, but at the same time can be applied to modern life (life NY apparently). I got ahold of Bastille's album (thanks Misha) and it is a great cd! 

My list wouldn't be complete without mentioning some kind of food. Cranberry juice is just a life favorites because I go through two bottles a week. I love mixing it with sprite, ginger ale, or just drinking it straight. Mmm. As far as actual food, I love the Bantry Bay frozen mussels in white wine or tomato and garlic butter sauce. Heat those bad boys up and throw them over some pasta and you have the most amazing $10 meal in the world! So good.

The last favorite of this week is this amazing BDG pullover. I stole it from my boyfriend (thanks again Misha Mouse!) and I really don't want to give it back... Urban Outfitters is having a 50% off sale sale and he got it for $10! It's super light weight, but still good if you're feeling chilly. It's seriously the perfect summer sweater.

What are some of the things you've been reaching for a lot this week? I'd love to know!

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