#SummerBloggerChallenge Week 6: Butterfly in the Sky, Summer Means More Reading Time!

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Sorry about that corny Reading Rainbow theme song rip off, but this week's topic is reading and it's my favorite of the Summer Blogger Challenge thus far! I'm a little excited! For as long as I could read, books have been a major part of my life. Instead of taking my T.V. when I was younger, my parents would punish me by taking books. As I got older and school got more and more time consuming, reading for pleasure seemed to all but cease. That's not to say that I haven't read some amazing books as a part of required reading for school, some of my favorites were discovered that way. There's nothing, however, like picking up a book purely because you want to read it and being sucked into the story. 

Read so far:
Fight Club: A Novel: This book was insane. It made me think and it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I did have to reread some chapters and passages, but that's just the nature of the book. I'm so excited because Chuck Palahniuk is making a sequel in the form of a graphic novel.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire: I try to read books that have movie adaptations before I catch the movies (or the T.V. show). It's not because I want to be that person... you know the one. They sit and cry about the choice of actors or how the movie left details out. I just like seeing what I imagined brought to the screen. I didn't do that with the Hunger Games series. I purchased the first book, but never had the time to read it. Long story short, I saw both movies and then read the books. I'm hooked. The movies were great, the books even better. Go read them!

Hunger Games: MockingJay:  Oh Mockingjay. Before I decided to give the Hunger Games a try, I can recall a conversation with some coworkers about how they were disappointed with the final book in the series. It might be one of the reasons it took me so long to get into them. I didn't want to get attached to characters and not like what the author did with them in the end. Well, I wasn't disappointed with the final book. Well, not entirely. I was sad it was over. I was wrapped up in the story until the very end, but there were a few questions I was left with and perhaps I wasn't entirely happy with the ending, but not everything is perfect. Star Wars has it's flaws. I'm so excited for part one of Mockingjay to come out! I might even reread the book before I catch it in theaters. Again, go read them!

To read/ Just stared list:
Because I crossed a few of my "need to read" books off of my, I don't have many left. Well, unless you count the Game of Thrones series as individual books and not a bundle. I'm going to have my hands full with those, but I'm so excited to finally get started with those.

Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice: After hearing about the movie, Belle, staring Harry Potter's Tom Felton, I had to get my hands on this book! I was on my way home from Washington DC and picked this and Catching Fire up before my flight. I got right into Catching Fire, so Belle is sitting on my desk, waiting. I can remember hearing about children born when a slave master had sexual relations with a slave, but in all of those accounts the child was born and remained a slave. The twist on that norm is what caught my interest and I hope it's as good as I think it is.

The Game of Thrones Series: I've been meaning to read the GoT series for a few years now. I want to watch the show, but I'd like to read the books first. (That and I'm so behind in the show and HBO doesn't have the previous seasons on demand... that I can find) I just purchased the box set on my Kindle and I'm itching to get reading before school starts again.

Currently reading and struggling through:
I don't usually have trouble getting through books. If I don't like them, I'll put them down. The issue is, I've paid for these books and I feel like I need to get through them.

Lolita: This book is so beautifully written. It's a classic to some people... but it's so hard for me to read this poetic book about a man trying to get with a young girl. I know it's supposed to be controversial. I know it's supposed to make the reader uncomfortable, but the gritty matter against the beautiful language are making it near impossible for me to continue. I don't know how some schools have kids read this. Then again, I read Beloved in one of my English classes.

Fangirl: This book isn't particularly challenging or uncomfortable to get through... I just think it's poorly written and kind of boring. It jumped onto my radar because of a book reading group on Tumblr. It's about all those girls who write fan fiction and have ships and are into fandoms... essentially, girls like me. I was excited to support an up and coming writer, because if I had the courage, that would be me, but when I finally sat down to read it, I found myself bored and wishing I had borrowed it from a friend. I'll finish it one day...

Comics/ Graphic Novels:
I haven't picked up any comics in months! The last time I did, I went a little crazy so I cut back and decided to wait for Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend. Some of the comics on my to read list include the new releases of Loki: Agent of Asgard, the new Ms. Marvel, the graphic novel Seconds, and the new Thor once it's released (Um, hello female Thor! I can't wait!).

Check out some of my collections to find more suggestions:
Link to GoodReads
Link to Comic Collection on Stash My Comics

What are some of the books you read or hope to read this summer? I'd love to add to my to read list!

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