Back To School Must Haves!

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This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.
School is finally here, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing! With a new school year comes a great shopping opportunity, and what better place to get that done than Target? I don't know about you all, but when I go into Target, I always come out with more than I intended, so I made a quick must have list to keep myself in check! Beyond the obvious school supplies, there are a few things I feel I couldn't have a successful year without!

Vinyls: A,B,C
I recently came into possession of a really nice record player (thanks Misha Mouse!) and I need to build up my collection. I could pop on a record to listen to while I study or dance around to when I take a break from studying. While I have a ton of music on my computer, the sound of a record is just a bit nicer.
Brita® Water Filter Bottle:
Drinking water is something I tell myself I need to do more often, and I tend to do better when I have a water bottle. The problem is when I've finished the first round of water and have to refill with tap. With a Brita® filter bottle, I don't have to worry about the strange tap taste! Fresh tasting water is great to add fruit to or use for coffee or tea on the nights when you need a boost. Brita® has a great selection of water bottles and pitchers for your fridge! Now to decide between the 20 oz and the 23.7 oz bottle! Both are available at Target.
Lounge Pant:
There's nothing like being comfortable when you're reviewing for a test that might be stressing you out. I love bundling up in sweats, but these lounge pants look good at home and out and about. I wouldn't even have to change to make a quick Starbucks run. Paired with a nice basic tee or light sweater, these lounge pants can be so versatile.
Microfleece Blanket:
While wearing my new lounge pants, I have to have a comfy blanket to wrap around my shoulder. This microfleece blanket is soft and comes in an adorable chevron pattern. I love this Aqua patterned one because it perfectly matches the pale blue walls in my room. It's a great size throw blanket without being too thick or hot.

Go to Brita® at Target for an online coupon!
What are some of your non-supply related must haves? I would love to try some out for my last year of school!

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