New Year, New Me? Nah.

1:36 PM

So it's 2015 and with the new year comes a list of resolutions I know I won't keep. Honestly, some of them I won't even start. Going to the gym once a week. Reading so many new books before the summer. Always putting my outfits out the night before. I could go on and on with the unfulfilled resolutions.

We did something fun at work for the new years called anti-resolutions. Essentially, things we know we should probably stop doing, but we know we'll keep them up. Mine was letting my gas tank get almost to E before I filled it back up. I've already done that too many times to count and it's only the 16th.

I figured as an easy way to get back into posting, I'd share a few of the things I know I won't stop doing and a few that I've surprised myself with and kept up so far this year.

1. I have made it a daily ritual to put on my eyeliner and mascara
I love make up! I subscribed to two new beauty boxes and I have a vanity full of unused products, but I can never make myself get fully made up before I leave for the day. So, in a bit of compromise with myself, I've made it my duty to line my eyes and put on mascara every day. It doesn't matter if I get out of bed half an hour after I was supposed to, I've gotten so accustomed to it that it doesn't take much effort at all anymore! I've also gotten really good at doing liquid liner!

2. I have managed to keep my email inboxes free from clutter
Now, I'm two for three on this one. My school inbox has 600 messages right now, but many of them are from shops or stores. My personal and blog account, however, are empty! I delete things I don't need as soon as I get them. I take one day each week to reply to emails and send out emails, but I don't stress the mess anymore because it's just not there!

3. As much as I'd like to, I know I won't finish that book series I started anytime soon
I started reading Harry Potter all over again sometime last year... then I started The Hunger Games... and Game of Thrones... and I bought a few other books that I haven't even touched. I did finish the Hunger Games trilogy, but they were no where as lengthy as Game of Thrones or the Harry Potter Series. I know I probably won't finish them any time soon either and I'm okay with that... I guess.

4. Binge watching is okay and I'm going to do it
Sailor Moon is back, but it's on a bi-weekly schedule (and it's driving me nuts). Game of Thrones on the other hand... Not to mention the showing of episodes 9 and 10 of season four in IMAX theaters on the 29th. I have around two weeks to watch two and a half seasons and I will get it done. School and work be damned!

5. Posting
I feel like I say this every month. I have been so bad about actually posting here. Why pay for the space if I'm not going to post? So posting it is! Even if it's only once a week, one post is better than none.

Well, those are my resolutions and anti-resolutions. What kinds of things do you know you're going to keep doing this year? I'd love to know!

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